Love Pretty Thing? We’re flattered.

Make some serious cash from your casual standom by earning money for every consulting call client that you get to book with us. No caps (we don’t believe in ceilings, glass or otherwise).


  1. We’ll create a unique affiliate code for you that gifts 10% off any of our consulting calls. A discount for them, easy cash for you, and a new client for us? How dreamy.

  2. Every time a new client uses your affiliate code, you’ll earn cash for the referral because, let’s be honest, you’re a real one and we appreciate you. This discount is only good one time per new client, but aside from that, get your money sis.

  3. You’ll get a cute payout within 10 days of confirmation of the booking. Buy yourself something nice.


For every client that books a consulting call with us, you’ll receive a 15% commission of the original price of the call.

Current Commission Rates as of April 17th 2019:

  • Social Media Brand Consultation: $35.85 (15% of $239)

  • Brand Experience Consultation: $41.85 (15% of $279)


How do I get started?

Schedule a time to chat with one of our team members via a free Discovery Call. We do this so you get a vibe for who we are and what we’re all about. After the call, we’ll request you send us a W-9 and some basic contact info, so we know who to pay and how best to get in contact with you if need be. You’ll essentially be an independent contractor for Pretty Thing.

Why do you need my W-9?

This is for tax purposes. At the end of the year, if you’ve made over $600 with us as an independent contractor, you’ll be receiving 1099. We ask for your W-9 upfront so we don’t slow up the process later or get into any legal issues down the road.

Does this affiliate program apply to any of your other services? I can sell in my sleep.

At the moment, no. This affiliate program is strictly for our consulting calls (Social Media Brand Consultation and Brand Experience Consultation). We will be adding more consulting calls in the near future, as well as a program for event ticket sales. Stay tuned.

If you’re serious about a commission-only payment situation for larger services definitely hit us up at and we’ll discuss.

Someone said they are booking a call with my code soon. When will I get notified they booked and more importantly, when do I get paid?  

Thanks so much! We’re very excited to connect with them. We’ll notify you within 24 hours that they booked with us. Affiliate payments are Net 10 from the day payment is received from the client and issued on Mondays.

Do I need to be 18+ to be an affiliate?

Yes. Why? Short answer: our lawyer says so. Sorry, folx. We still appreciate you!