Time's Up! Unless ofc You're Bryan Singer


I've been rooting for Rami Malek since his oh-so-charming (and authentic) appearance as Egyptian pharaoh Ahkmenrah in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. As psyched as I was to find out he'd be leading the Freddie Mercury biopic, I was less psyched about who else happened to be involved with the picture.

While director Bryan Singer was booted from the project for conflicting with Rami (we knew we could trust you, boo) among other reasons, one of those reasons, surprisingly, was not his horrendous behavior in regards to multiple sexual harassment allegations. And, despite being replaced, Singer still retains a directing credit for the film... meaning that every award Bohemian Rhapsody wins this awards season, including Best Picture at the Golden Globes this weekend, also goes to him.

Hollywood has always been good at making grandiose pledges that they fail to follow through with as passionately as the fervor of their initial promise. The lack of accountability is one of the industry's greatest failings, and we see that in full force when attendees parade the red carpet in Time's Up merchandise, yet one of the biggest awards of the night is handed to a film spearheaded by someone with a notoriously shady reputation whose bad behavior has been an unchecked open secret for years.

Yes, we love Rami! Yes, we love Freddie! But why not simply give the award to Rami for acting, and let other (and lbr, much more deserving) pictures take the award of the year, such as If Beale Street Could Talk or The Favourite? Both of these films are excellent, beyond deserving and, amazingly, not directed by alleged rapists. If we can't hold Bryan Singer accountable, can we at the very least not reward him at one of the most prestigious ceremonies of the industry year?

Hollywood, I respect you, but you really need to get better at the follow through.