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Working as a family photographer might sound like a girl’s wildest rom-com dream, but what about solving the secrets of Instagram for the greater good? Brit Chandler left behind careers in the ecomm and wedding industries to be an entrepreneur, her “dream group of humans”. Basically a creative superhero, she swoops in to save you from yourself; by leveling up her approach to Instagram, she mastered the intention behind posting, and appealing to a market. She says it’s because she fell in love with Insta, and it must be catching because we have totally fallen in love with her.

Pretty Thing: Tell us all about what you do at Brand Strategy Co.!

Brit Chandler: I'm a brand strategist and photographer. I started Brand Strategy Co because I saw a lot of talented entrepreneurs failing in their businesses because they didn't know how to utilize social media to its fullest potential.

Social media is a Bowie-less labyrinth for the best of us. By helping these entrepreneurs find their way, what goals do you have for your own business?

I want to eventually have an all-inclusive branding agency where we employ local talent, and also hire remote single moms/women and train them so they can work from home and earn a livable wage.

Livable wage? In this economy? Girl, you’re a visionary. What’s a highlight of your job that you feel you take to the next level?

I really love helping brands instantly upgrade their professionalism through brand and product photos paired with simplistic graphics.  

Nothing gets me reaching for my credit card like a minimalist photo of a flower on a monochrome background, no joke. But level with us: when speaking directly to women pursuing a career like yours, what advice would you give?

My biggest piece of advice is to persevere. It's never easy. It will never be the right time. Nothing will ever fall in your lap and continue to naturally fall into place. Everything will feel wrong and hard and you'll be uncomfortable. The discomfort is the sign that you're doing it.



No one, I repeat, NO ONE ever knows what they are doing. I've heard so many talented people with great ideas say, "but I'm not going to start because I don't know anything about business.” None of us knew what we were doing when we started. You eventually learn the basics, but if you're doing it right, you're constantly saying yes to things that are completely foreign to you. That's how you learn. You don't get to know how to do all the things, THEN take the leap. It's counter-intuitive. Entrepreneurship is about going into things backwards.

So true. One of the hardest things for women can be honing that confidence. Is that something for women to overcome in your field?

I think women in my field are their own biggest advocates and biggest obstacles. Most do not charge their worth, or go after their dreams. More of us need to own our desires and feel brave [enough] to attack them.

Speaking of women being their biggest advocates, do you have any female or female-identifying media projects that you’re totally obsessed with right now?

WORKING MOMS on Netflix. Fuckin’ hilarious and over-the-top, but also very true to real life as a working mother. Not for conservative peeps, FYI.

Thanks for the inevitable impending Netflix binge. Besides dropping recs that will completely demolish our weekend productivity, what types of services do you offer through your company?

Our specialty is a monthly Instagram consulting package with optional add ons, such as growth hacking, brand photos, management and more! We love helping people succeed on Instagram, no matter what their budget or needs are.

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