The Hidden IG Metric You Should Stan


It’s no secret that “Instagram Insights” (i.e. - analytics) are the godsend of any company, creative entrepreneur, or influencer wanting to get a true read on what type content is landing with their audience. Even if you are a one-man-band-operation, understanding how to read metrics are an important skill to have.

Although most influencers and brands understand “vanity metrics” such as likes and follows are less important than engagement (actions taken on a profile or post), there is a subtle analytic not found in the “Insights” tab that reflects a more meaningful connection going on between an account and its audience.

Cue the saves.

Why Saves Matter:

The saves indicate an emotional connection. Like my entrepreneurial queen, Emily Weiss, CEO of cult-esque skincare line, Glossier, I believe the emotional connection to a brand is far more important than anything else. Having an emotional connection to a brand means the company or profile is relating on a deeper level than just a pretty picture. The brand can become something that audiences can identify with, be it in the caption, the image, or both. Even if it’s a just silly meme, a prolific poem, or a cool recipe you might want to try out, a person will “save” things they have an instinctive reaction to. It signifies on some small, gut level that they don’t want to lose track of a particular piece of content. — And in 2019, when there is SO. MUCH. CONTENT. to digest, saving anything is like dropping a proverbial pin on a piece of content that actually meant something to you, even if you never make your way back to it.

Although it is great to have repeat views on a piece of content, to me, a person actually revisiting said content is far less important than the act of simply hitting the save button itself. Even if you never revisit that hilarious yet strangely addicting R&B version of Baby Shark, that instinct to save, preserve, and hold onto it means your content is resonating with your audience.

How to Spot The Saves:

1.) While logged into your Business Account, click on a single post.

Note: your account must be switched to a Business Profile in order to see and begin logging analytics. You do not need to be a company or small business to do this, it simply requires a FB fan or business page.

2.) Hit “View Insights.”

It should appear in blue on the left-hand corner, just below your piece of content.

3.) Swipe up to view insights.

“Saves” will look like a bookmark symbol in the top right corner of this screen. Compare this number across a variety of individual posts on your account. On this example post, you can see that there are four saves. This is lower than other posts but higher than some. Take note of what types of content get the most saves.

So, what should this tell us as content creators? Create content worth saving.

Look at your profile from your audience’s perspective and analyze your IG feed based on what content is and isn’t being saved. Think about the community you’re building with your account and find ways to serve them with your content and connect with them on a deeper level. What resources, inspiration, impactful content can you produce that adds value to their lives? Maybe it’s practical tips or advice, or maybe it really is another cat meme that sparks pure, unadulterated joy.

Whatever type of content you choose to produce or consume, happy creating and happy saving.