Delegate, Bish.


Hi, this is a read on myself. Whoever else needs to be read too, pull up a seat. 

You’re stressed, overwhelmed, and inadvertently micromanaging every situation. It’s problematic, and you know it, but how do you delegate when you’re drowning in a sea of work? If you’ve been bitten by the radioactive spider of perfectionism, and resonate with any of the following checkpoints, babe, it’s time to delegate.

  • If you’re working in your business, instead of on your business, it’s time to delegate.

  • If you’re burnt out, but you have people accessible to you that want to help or be apart of what you’re creating, it’s time to delegate. 

  • If you find yourself doing tasks you know someone else could do with a little training. Honey, IT’S. TIME. TO. DELEGATE.

Give up the goods and let something magical happen. Here’s how:

1. Take a beat.

Breathe, take a walk, listen to a podcast or some music and zen tf out. Realize that when you let go of things you can do, and replace it with things you should do, the forward movement begins. Learn to empower your team and give them the freedom to take the ball and run.

2. Break it down and SOP that ish.

SOPs are Standard Operating Procedures which serve as step-by-step instructions that anyone at any time can use to do a task that is repeatedly done. As annoying as it might be to stop and write out instructions, they become invaluable to you if/when you bring on help. You can literally send them any logins they need, your SOP for the specific task, and clear communication, and boom! You’ve got a system, miss. Utilize it.

3. Trust your team with more.  

When you don’t delegate, you become the reason your company isn’t growing. You become the bottleneck. Empower your team to take on more, and grow together as a team. Remember you aren’t alone, stop pretending you are by shouldering things you know you can (and should) delegate to others. 

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. When you encourage others to bring more to the table, your company becomes better than you could have imagined (or even would be possible to do on your own). Delegate more, stress less.