Let's Talk About Doubt


Dealing with doubt is 100% normal, and it’s about damn time we talk about it.

Doubt comes with the territory of doing something “risky” - something new that will inevitably stretch you as a person, and (hopefully) have a long-lasting effect on the community you’re serving. As risk and doubt go hand-in-hand, instead of shying away from taking risks, use the doubt that comes with it as a guide. Doubt teaches us who to have in your circle of influence, how to fail fast and give yourself grace, and how to get back up again for a cause greater than yourself.

Surround yourself with positive people.

This may sound obvious, but how often do we keep people in our immediate circle of influence, solely based off of the potential we see in them not how they make us feel by being around them? When you’re building something bigger than yourself, you need people who are going to keep your spirits up. People who bring new things to the table. People who, even when they may not totally “get it”, are hype af because they know you and that you are going to kill it - whatever it may be. Your circle of influence matters. Protect it.

Know that no one ~actually~ knows what they are doing.

Taking risks and building something new from the ground up can often feel lonely and confusing. You might start comparing yourself to other people or companies who candidly have years on you. Stop comparing their highlight reel to your startup behind-the-scenes. The only difference between them and you is time and experience. You get more experience from time spent making decisions and learning from them–the good and (especially) the bad. Give yourself some grace and encourage yourself to fail fast so you can move on and make the next decision.

Connect with your “why.”

It can be easy to get distracted or feel defeated when things seem like they are just not working out. In those moments of soul-crushing doubt, connect with your “why”. Here’s the catch though: the reason why you do what you do needs to be bigger than yourself. Otherwise, when the going gets tough (and it will) you’ll likely crumble under the pressure. To quote our queen and our president, Ava DuVernay, “If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.”

The thing that sets your soul on fire and pushes you to keep going need to be bigger than the fame, fortune, or notoriety that may or may not come with your success. Connect with your “why” daily, and you’ve got this bag, sis. Keep going.