An Argument for Why Galentine's Day is Necessary AF


If you’re not in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is not high on your list of priorities. When you don’t have an S.O., it can be easy to get lost in the pink heart confetti and forget the other loving relationships that support you on a daily basis— your best friends.

Galentine’s, perennially the day before V-Day, is the best excuse to surround yourself with awesome women and not think about romance at all. Invented by fictional feminist queen Leslie Knope back in 2010 and intended for women to celebrate each other and their friendships, it’s only gained traction past Leslie’s show ending. In a world where every day women of all identities face new traumas and hardships, it’s such a goddamn relief to have something nice to focus on for once.

There’s no wrong way to celebrate Galentine’s. Even if you spend it alone, you can focus on uplifting the number one woman in your life— yourself. Like scented candles? Buy a bunch and make your room look like the set of some romantic comedy proposal scene. Tired of your meal prep? Splurge on your favorite food that you never get to have and eat it on the couch with the newest Netflix Original. 

Or maybe you’re just feeling lonely, because the lack of romance can bring down the best of us. Call your mom, a friend, or any other important woman in your life. Let her know how much you appreciate her, and see if she wants to celebrate the holiday with you. 

Still nailing down your Galentine’s Day plans? If you’re in Lancaster, PA, we have a whole event planned for you! We’ve got Sarah Hawkins, Pretty Thing Co-Founder; Brit Chandler, Branding Queen; Liz Frandsen, Fashion Designer; Casey Gavey, Photographer; and Natasha Rowley, Content Creator. This line-up of badass babes will get you motivated to go kill it with your creative community. Don’t close yourself off from connecting with the cool women around you! They want to connect with you, too.

And remember: ovaries before brovaries.