It’s a Hell Yes or It’s a No


As a notorious people pleaser, (and, well, a woman who has been groomed by the patriarchy to appease all and not stir shit up), the fear of hurting others' feelings by turning them down has been instilled in me, since well, as long as I can remember. Saying “no” however, and truly listening to my intuition is my new kryptonite, and it’s a feeling I’m going to keep chasing. I encourage you to hop on this bandwagon too. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy decisions, and trust yourself and your intuition more often. By listening to your intuition more often, you learn to hone your decision-making skills, and tune out the critics. “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.”

In a world of decisions and opportunity, to stay sane, train yourself to operate from a place of “hell yes or no.” Here’s how:

Listen To Your Gut, Then Move On

Make your decision, then move tf on. To quote my girl, Zoey Deschanel, “Don’t look back. All you’ll ever get is the dust from the steps before.” Honestly it’s a whole mood and I wish I would have listened to that sage ass advice earlier in life but it is what it is. To my Rory Gilmore’s of the world who want to make a pro-con list, do you boo, but more often than not, your intuition is always right. Listen to her.

Don’t Pick At The Scab

Days, weeks, heck - even years after, you may get a twinge of doubt or maybe even FOMO on a “no” you made. Try your best to make your decision, have peace with it, and honestly just forgetta ‘bout it. Once you start looking back at missed opportunities, you’ll start second-guessing your intuition, and that’s a slippery slope to be on. Looking back in regret will have you sidestepping any present or potential opportunities that could be on the horizon.

“Hell Yes” Is The Only Yes Worth Yes-ing About

Just as saying “no” is liberating af, so is a “hell yes.” It’s frankly the only yes I ever want to commit to because there are no tepid waters of doubt or maybe-isms. If there is doubt around something, don’t do it, but if there’s an initial excitement around an opportunity, despite any risk or whatever steps you might need to execute to be “all in” (i.e. - investment of time, energy, money, etc.), this is the only yes worth yes-ing about. Commit or get off the pot, sis.