It's A MF Hot Girl Summer


No, literally. It’s been hotter than ever because of global warming.

If you’ve been on Twitter or Instagram lately, you probably can’t go two scrolls without seeing horrifying photos of fish choking on plastic or videos of people passing out because its been hotter than this video of Meg Thee Stallion at Birthday Bash ATL this past weekend.

The bottom line is, it’s no secret that our planet might literally implode. And soon. But what can I do about it? Sip my iced latte through a soggy paper straw? Stop accidentally leaving my reusable bag in my room literally every time I go to the grocery store?

Here are some ideas to help you become a more eco-friendly hottie.

1. Bring Tupperware when you’re going out to dinner with your girlfriends.

Because single use plastic containers are not cute. On that note, reusable coffee cups can save the environment and your wallet. Most places like Starbucks, G&B, and Blue Bottle give you a discount if you bring your own mug and places like Philz Coffee even allow you to pay for a small size if your reusable thermos is 24oz or less! Retweet to save a life.

2. Delete your Postmates/Uber Eats app.

Food may arrive in 30 minutes, but the plastic containers could be around for hundreds of years after. The popularity of these delivery services has cluttered our landfills with styrofoam containers that do not–I repeat DO NOT–decompose.

3. Compost your food scraps when you’re meal prepping.

Composting not only reduces the amount of waste going to landfills - it also creates fertilizer for your garden. The microscopic organisms in compost help aerate soil, break down organic material for plants, and help ward off plant disease. So you can keep Persephone the Pothos alive and thriving.

4. Connect your utility bill to Arcadia Power.

They match your energy usage with clean energy from local wind farms and track ways to save on your electricity bill. If you sign up for their free plan they replace up to 50% of your energy with wind energy with no added costs to your utility bill. Create that good energy, sis.