How To Get The Most Out of Your Morning Commute


Your daily commute can be a bear and a time suck, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Instead of getting worked up over zero movement in gridlock traffic, here are some ways to feel productive, and happy, during your drive to work.

1. Put on Some Pump Up Jamz

What better way to start the day than a solo dance party? Although it might be tempting to put on sad or slow vibes to match your disdain for early mornings, putting on upbeat music is a great way to reduce anxiety. If you need some suggestions of new tunes, Spotify is free and has some great morning mixes.

2. Hydrate!

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a large water bottle to work everyday and making it a challenge to drink the entire thing before pulling into the parking lot. Pack it with ice and a little bit of lemon juice to wake up your metabolism. Need some cute water recipes (yes, I know how weird that sounds), check out these refreshing ideas to make your hydration process more flavorful.

3. Listen to Podcasts

Knowledge is power. Instead of listening to Top 40, put on a podcast before you start driving. If you’re like me and it takes 40-45 minutes to drive maybeeee 8 miles (curse you, 101) then you can knock out one episode each way. The more practical information you can exposure yourself to, the more skills you can acquire. Gotta catch em all!

4. Get In Some Personal Calls (on speaker phone, of course)

Like most millennials, I’m really terrible at this. Although I love to try to squeeze in work calls during a drive, it can often add to stress levels discussing important details in the middle of morning traffic. Instead, be a good human and call your parents, grandparents, siblings, long-distance friends, etc.

5. Pray

It’s easy to let your running to-do list take over when you’re sitting in traffic stressing, but using this time to pray or meditate, or just remind yourself things you’re thankful for, really does go a long way. It’s an easy thing to do to reframe how you are approaching your day (and life in general).

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