Enough Of The Negative Self-Talk


The dreaded negative self-talk loop. If you’ve ever created something that means something to you (or if you’re just a human living on this earth that doesn’t suffer from extreme narcissism), you’ve probably experienced it to some degree. It’s an internal stream of dialogue that insists that nothing that you do is good enough. That nothing will change for the better. That every push toward your goal is futile. Again, this is a spectrum, but the far end of the spectrum can be crippling.

Negative self-talk isn’t something that changes due to sheer will.

It takes work. Learning to speak positively to yourself is like learning a new language. The negativity comes naturally. You’re fluent in it. Shifting that mindset means constantly being aware of what you’re saying to yourself and intervening to change the narrative. It means learning how to be kinder to yourself. To recognize the difference between an actual mistake and a perceived error. To give yourself a break when you do screw up, and to understand that you are always in motion toward who you want to be.

For those of us who create for a living, being self-critical is part of our nature.

It’s rooted in the anxiety of putting yourself out there, and how you believe your work will be received. It’s not a bad thing when used as a tool for progression, but don’t let it discourage you from doing what you do. Affirmations and meditation are key to rewiring your brain. Your truth is relative to your perception. You become whatever you repeatedly tell yourself you are. You are as capable as you believe yourself to be.

If you struggling with making that shift, find a good therapist that can help you through the process. You can be your biggest supporter or your biggest adversary and that choice is up to you.

Originally published on HolliBaker.com.