V Busy With Nicole Swartz of Sprout Law


Krista Mason Photography

Our lawyer is the best and that’s a hill we’re prepared to die on. When Nicole, founder of Sprout Law, told us she was launching The Sprout Society, we transcended to a new level of standom. Two companies completely dedicated to helping women in business succeed? Like, say less, sis.

Pretty Thing: For people who don’t stalk your IG the way we do, tell us about The Sprout Society & Sprout Law!

Nicole Swartz: We're a community for women entrepreneurs. We offer support, business advice, and legal services to women-owned businesses.

Love it. What are your business goals and aspirations for your community?

We want to help hundreds of women start + grow their businesses. Our ultimate mission is for women to become the face of business. So when you google image the word "business", it's all women!

Brb, crying. Wow. What would you say is your specialty?

We're dedicated to women-owned businesses. As a law firm, a business consulting firm, and a community, our whole focus is helping women.

I’m sure you’ve faced hella challenges trying to help women get their things. What advice would you give to other women on a similar path?

I had a lot of mindset challenges in the beginning, and it's still a struggle. Overcoming fears, the belief that you don't belong here, etc. I have them all daily! My advice would be to find role models who built similar businesses. It can help you see the reality of running a business.

Tell us about your experience working with women as an attorney.

A lot of women are nervous about talking to an attorney. We've heard from clients that they've had back experiences in the past with people who didn't take them or their business seriously. We try to make the process of talking and working with us something that our clients actually enjoy. We say we're just like you're friends...but with law degrees!

Speaking of besties, what female-identifying artist or women-centric business are you totally obsessed with right now?

Kacey Musgraves. She's an incredible songwriter in a genre that's not very available to women.

Yes omg someone tweeted that she manages to always look so bored and so beautiful at the same time. We can only aspire. Anyway, tell us about the services you offer through The Sprout Society & Sprout Law?

We help women protect their brand with trademarks, protect their work with copyrights, and protect their company with downloadable contracts. You can apply for a consultation at www.sproutlaw.com/consultation or browse the shop at www.sproutlaw.com/contracts.

We’re teaming up with you for Pretty Thing x The Sprout Society happening on Tuesday, March 5th! Tell our readers about what we’re up to and why you believe it's important for women to connect in this way?

We're hosting an event with Pretty Thing (yay!) and it's all about helping women in business connect. Running a business is so lonely. You're working from home or alone at a coffee shop. Or maybe you don't have a business yet but you have an idea and you're not sure who to talk to about it. That's why these connections with other women are so important. My business (and my life) are so much better because I have women in business who are my support system.