Top 5 Productivity Apps for The Career-Obsessed


Sometimes it’s hard to keep above water when you’re a creative professional. Between your coffee-induced emailing and the ever-growing to-do list in your head, the daily grind can be wearing. It may be time to streamline your efforts and let technology do some of the heavy lifting.

For the millennial maven (or monsieur) on the go, here are the some of the best productivity apps to keep your work, and life, on track.

1. Todoist

Price: Free, Paid Upgrades

Anyone that knows me well, knows I’m never without some form of a notebook or a stack of sticky notes. I love lists and I am the to-do list queen. Upon discovering this app however, I did away with my old sticky note ways and moved everything into Todoist. There’s nothing more gratifying than swiping off an item once it’s complete. Not only can you organize by project or priority, you can invite others to a list and you’ll get a notification when one of your team members completes a task. Magic!

2. Forest

Price: $1.99

I have a love/hate relationship with this one. The concept is simple: set a period of time you need to focus to work on a task and a “tree” grows on your phone. Touch your phone and go outside of the app for any reason, and the tree dies. The more trees you grow, you begin to create a little forest. Make a new forest everyday and you can see which days you were focused and productive.

Bonus: Once you hit a certain amount of trees grown, the apps will plant a real tree!

3. Google Drive

Price: Free

This one might be a no-brainer to anyone who is fluent with Google Drive, but having all of your important documents saved and at your fingertips to be able to pull up and reference on the fly is absolutely invaluable. Plus, it’s free.

4. Scanner Pro

Price: $3.99

Avoid the unnecessary late night trip to Staples or begging your one friend with a working scanner, and get this app. Scan any document as if you are taking a picture on your phone and it instantly saves to a Google Drive folder of your choice. Badabing, badaboom.


Price: Free

*Cue Angelic Choir* If This Then That is the godsend we app-riddled, career folk needed and brings everything together, literally. With the app, you can create recipes between your applications. If you do something on one app, it will trigger an event to take place in another.

Pro Tip: Connect all of your social accounts and set up your recipes (called “Applets”) on a desktop (via and use the app for your phone for on-the-go management.

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