V Busy with Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown of On Point Communications

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Philadelphia-based, public relations pro, Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown is a force to be reckoned with and has a heart for creating tactful impact. From her company On Point Communications, to her passion to arm clients and (womxn in general) with the tools + resources to kick ass and take names is truly inspiring. Catch her making waves at Tour NYC, and get into our exclusive interview below.

Hey, Haniyyah. We’re v excited to have you as part of our Tour line-up. We know you focus on PR, but for the folks at home who may not know what that entails, how would you break that down?

I am passionate about telling the stories of small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals who are doing the work for the cause, and not for applause. Our motto at On Point Communications is: impact not publicity!

Do not compare your journey with someone else. You are where you are supposed to be right now.
— Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown

Love that. ‘Impact not publicity’ should lowkey be on t-shirt. Just sayin’. With that statement, how does that play out on the day-to-day? What’s your goal with highlighting impact?

I continue to work towards highlighting impact and not publicity in every aspect of my personal and professional work. My goal ultimately is to arm stakeholders with the tools and resources needed to tell and highlight their impact. It's great when the cameras show up, but the work must continue whether the cameras are there or not.

Totally agree. As a publicist/communications guru, how would your friends + clients best describe you? How are you uniquely positioned to do what you do?

My friends, network and clients always say I am the person that comes through in the clutch-- the connector. I always live and lead with integrity. That is what makes me stand out. You will always get my authentic self every time.

That’s a word. So, real talk. Any challenges you’ve encountered or any advice you’d like too impart to our readers?

I didn't have a business plan until two years after I actually started my business. So I got the best experience from actual experience. However, having a business plan would have absolutely helped me from a financial perspective year one. Advice. Do not compare your journey with someone else. You are where you are supposed to be right now. You have to learn how to say “no.” It is a full sentence and sometimes no doesn't mean forever, it just means not right now.

You have to learn how to say “no.” It is a full sentence and sometimes no doesn’t mean forever, it just means not right now.
— Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown

Saying ‘no’ and not comparing your journey with someone else’s is a big struggle for us womxn. As a publicist, tell us more about what it’s like as a female PR entrepreneur in Philly.

Something that holds women back in our field is the idea that it's not enough for all of us to win. Philly is a big small city. It's not about who you know, it's about who knows you, and relationships are paramount how we move and work. The remedy to this fight among some women in my field is that stop looking to work with people and be intentional about collaboration.

Yes, collaboration over competition always. Speaking of other’s works, any womxn artists or entrepreneurs you’re currently obsessed with?

Cathy Hughes and Ava Duvernay are the epitome of walking, talking #BlackGirlMagic. I love their relentless pursuit to not just go after what they wanted, they've created it and they each life as they climb. Cathy, a dynamic media pioneer who is the woman behind the largest African America-owned and operated broadcast company in the nation Urban One. Ava Duvernay continues to tell our stories from our perspective. It's powerful and refreshing to see us.

Great picks. For those interested in coming out to see you at Tour, what will you be speaking about?

Impact. Integrity. Know Your Ish.

Love it. Okay, last q. What are you most looking forward to at Tour?

Meeting some dope ass women!


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