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Our very own video production/advertising mogul, Alex Stoudt built her career from the ground up. She started as a video production manager for a small college in central PA and worked her ass off to become the creative lead for Comcast’s internal advertising agency – Mnemonic. Now she’s coming to Tour to tell us how she did it and help other women who are also looking for a chance in the industry.

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Alex! Fresh from the 610. Tell the people a bit more about how you became a boss ass producer babe.

Coming from a very small college in Central Pennsylvania (Juniata), I had the opportunity to become the first ever student manager of a video production team. In that role, I discovered that I am a true producer at heart- I love leading teams of creative individuals, writing content, and telling incredible stories. This experience led me to work for various media and video production companies after college and most recently become a creative lead for Comcast’s internal creative agency, Mnemonic.

Ahhh congratulations! It must feel amazing to be at your dream job. What else would you like to accomplish personally or professionally?

While I'm really enjoying being a creative in the advertising industry, I've always had several series or film concepts on the back-burner that I’d love to see come to fruition one day. There's something very humbling about creating for thousands of viewers that have no idea who the name and face behind the creation was. Like, everyone knows and remembers the "Jake from State Farm" commercial. It's hysterical, I've even had friends dress up as Jake from State Farm for Halloween - yet, no one really knows who wrote that concept. I think that's what I'd like to achieve. Having a creative piece so noteworthy that everyone recognizes it, but knowing that I was responsible is my little secret.

Get that seat at the table! I’ll bring a seat for you, too.
— Alex Stoudt

We stan!! Can you also let us know if you make a biopic? We need it, sis. What is some advice that you would give to a Mnemonic client?

In advertising, your local commercial with panning showroom shots, a boring voiceover, and customers pointing at things and smiling is never, EVER, going to be effective for your business's growth. My strengths are in telling a new story for those businesses - analyzing what their own strengths are and what are the key messages they want to tell. Creating something that's going to grab the viewers’ attention, whether it be in humor, drama, emotion, etc. and is something new that they've never seen before.

So true. Good content speaks for itself. What about advice for women looking to follow a similar career path as you?

The video production industry is incredibly over-saturated with men. A huge part of my job is hiring cinematographers, editors, sound mixers, etc. and the women are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, our men do incredible work, but as a young female millennial and feminist, I always want to support women in as many ways as I can. Women creatives, where are you!? Move to Central PA! 

If you're a woman and you want to find a job, don't be shy! In the past, I was always very hesitant to volunteer myself for a set with people I didn't know. But the truth is, we're in a man's world and we should be rocking it. Don't let one or two turned down jobs turn you away from ever applying again. In fact, be open to criticism and learn from it. Also, partner up with local women (Like myself! Email me anytime for any type of project, seriously!) and build a portfolio. Get that seat at the table! I'll bring a seat for you, too. 

That challenge is what keeps me motivated to work harder and do better because the win at the end of something more challenging is what will light you up to keep going.
— Alex Stoudt

Amazing. For the ladies who are coming to Tour to see you and connect with you, what will you be speaking about?

On tour, I will be speaking on how my biggest quote through life has inspired me to keep pushing on. From one of my favorite films, "A League of Their Own," Coach Jimmy Dugan says in response to the main character Dottie Hinson for quitting the baseball team because it just got too hard, "It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The 'hard' is what makes it great."

Life as a creative, as a woman, and as a very young professional has thrown me many, many challenges. Challenges that have made me want to quit, drop everything and start over. But I always remember that if these things were easy, anyone would do it, and that I wouldn't be in any better place than the next person. That challenge is what keeps me motivated to work harder and do better because the win at the end of something more challenging is what will light you up to keep going.

Will you also be around after your speech at Tour?

Yess!! I'm really looking forward to connecting with fellow female creatives and developing friendships that could help build each other up, both professional and personally. I'm excited to find other amazing women who know and understand my daily struggles and work with them to hopefully expand and create something really fucking awesome that's entirely women-driven in the future.

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