Social Media

Brand Consultation


Social media can feel like such a mystery these days with constantly changing algorithm it can be hard to get your content seen, let alone build brand awareness and community. Feel like your shouting into the non-responsive void? Want your accounts to be cohesive across all platforms, but need a fresh perspective and a concrete strategy? We get it, and we’re here for you.

At Pretty Thing, we work with women-owned companies and female-centric brands to help them develop their unique voice + aesthetic. We have a specific method that we use to hone that voice and keep it consistent across all platforms that we’ll work through with you on this call, in addition to discussing social media strategy and practical tips specific to you, your accounts + the community you are looking to build around your brand.

What to Expect:

During our 90 minute session together we’ll guide you through the following areas of focus.

  • Developing Social Media Brand Identity (Voice + Aesthetics)

  • Assessing Social Media Strategy and Discuss Tips + Tricks

  • Evaluating Community Management

  • Brainstorming Content Calendar + Photo Bank